Gifted Idiot DVD

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Gifted Idiot – Ricky Mokel

It’s Ricky in Concert – Comedy For All Ages

This 53 minute digital recording of Ricky Mokel’s one-man-show, The Ricky Mokel Show, will become a family treasure…But wait, THE WHOLE FAMILY?  Aren’t all stand-up comedians dirty or off-color? Apparently not.

So refreshing and original. Such unique humor! Ricky Mokel leaves none of that off-color stand-up comedy residue. Only later, when you’ve recovered from laughing, will you realize Ricky was never off-color.

What people say about Ricky Mokel:

“You just look at Ricky and laugh. His show is awesome. My wife could not stop laughing.” – Pete Lassingertz, Colonel, USMC, Retired

“Ricky is a gifted idiot. Ha, ha!..” – Shawna Butler, student

“I was getting cramps and my husband’s mother even laughed. I’ve never seen her laugh like that. She’s still in there. She’s trying to catch her breath so she can leave.” – Sandra Vingle, Customer Service Supervisor

“All our grand kids who say The Ricky Mokel Show with us can’t stop saying, “What’s that smell? It’s Taco Bell!” when we pass one. And that was five years ago.” – Carl Kitchens, Mechanic