The Ricky Mokel Show – DVD


The Ricky Mokel Show
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Ricky Mokel fans have for years wondered:”Why can’t I watch Ricky Mokel on TV?” Or fans say to Ricky: “Dude you are so funny. You should have your own TV show.”

With the The Ricky Mokel Show DVD, fans can enjoy Ricky’s twisted, wholesome comedy in a network television-like format. It’s Ricky at his funniest.

In other words, if Ricky were on Showtime, HBO, Comedy Central, TBS, CMT, FX, AMC, History Channel, or even CBS, it might look and sound like this. A slick, 38 minute almost G-Rated comedy jewel. Complete with Ricky’s own hilarious commercial interruptions! Humorsource, Inc is proud to offer this family friendly production for your enjoyment.

“I think it’s spooky how much like a real TV show it is. And some of those commercials I forgot I did.”
Ricky Mokel

Recorded live at the Alabama Theatre
North myrtle Beach, SC, April 21, 2011
38 minutes – DVD/Disc, Humorsource, Inc.

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