It was my first visit to Myrtle Beach and my first visit to see you! I've heard about you for years from my sis and her hubby and have seen all your dvd's and listened to your cd's. You are awesome! Keep up the good work! –Donna Fernandes

We couldn't decide if you were making it up as you went, or had it planned. So refreshing. Proves you don't have to be dirty to be hilarious.–Richard Spurlock

Just wanted to say you are freakin awesome. I've seen your show in Myrtle Beach several times & it's always just as hilarious & great as the first time. You are known as "The taco bell guy" in my family–Brittany Case

I saw your show the other night you are super funny and cute!–Jenna Miller

Our hostess with Fidelity Bank in Marion, Arkansas bought one of your DVDs and played it 2 times on our way home. The entire bus enjoyed it immensely and Loved it...Come to Memphis. Would love to see you in person again.–Solonge Shumaker


If Ricky wasn’t a stage hand, what job would he have?

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